HTML Manipulation – MSHTML vs HTML Agility Pack

Best HTML Parser When it comes to HTML page content manipulation, there are two main HTML parsers which goes well with .NET framework. MSHTML by Microsoft HTML Agility Pack Out of the two, according to my experience, Agility Pack outweigh MSHTML easily. Following are the main reasons. Proper documentation. Customer support. Support large HTML contents. […]

Azure Hosted App – Login Redirect Loop

Our Software Development team encountered a weird issue on one of the MVC web based projects. In some cases, if the App is hosted in Azure and authenticated by Azure AD, the user is redirected to Microsoft Online login page. This only happens when the solutions is publish to Azure(Not in the dev environment). This […]

Some jQuery functions only works in Edit Page mode, not when the page is published

This is a known issue for publishing pages has become a common problem in SharePoint Development. Some Javascript libraries are not loaded in SharePoint page Publishing mode. For an example, as a part of Minimal Download Strategy(MDS), “sp.js” may not be loaded at every page load, unless it is explicitly loaded. Thus, some jQuery features […]

Introducing Fleximal

We are an Australian software development company specializing in SharePoint and .NET Applications. We already have a ground breaking, self developed tools to help our customers connect to the future of business. For example, our SharePoint Migration Tool SW1SH, is one of the first migration tools that have been developed in Australia. Why us? The […]