Australia’s Free SharePoint, SMS and Email Services for Extra Support

Choosing FlexiMal for your business affords you the luxury of free services from us. This simply gives our clients value for money you don’t just get anywhere else. Feel free to get in touch to inquire further about these services.

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Free SMS Service Across Australia

Curious about the versatility of Short Messages Service (SMS)? Our free SMS services give you a range of flexible options so you can better connect with your audience in a way that works for you and your business.

  • One way text messages: send a broadcast of text messages to a targeted designated receivers list
  • Interactive: we’ll capture the users’ responses and use them for further processing and automation for an integrated solution that suits you
  • Text message delivery can also be arranged on a pre-defined schedule
Note: Free for 3 months only with one or more other services with FlexiMal

Free Email Services

Experience the highly rewarding capabilities of Email. Enjoy our free email service to support your business email requirement.

Emails can also be delivered using automation and a pre-defined schedule for maximum convenience and efficiency. Most of our custome software solutions use these two features in many ways.

Note: Free for 3 months only with one or more other services with FlexiMal.

Free SharePoint Experiential Service

It’s hard to understand the incredible benefits SharePoint can bring to your business without seeing a great example. That’s why we offer a free service designed to ignite your excitement and satisfy your curiosity about how SharePoint can work for your business. Our team are happy and able to create an experiential SharePoint Development project to walk through the basics and answer any questions you may have. This free SharePoint Developments service goes beyond a normal consultation, it’s complimentary access to a tailored SharePoint demo. Talk to our team today to see exactly how SharePoint can change your business

Note: Demo Site Collection is for ONE week (unless you request for an extension) and then it will automatically be deleted

Personalised SharePoint with LiveTiles

Want a more personalized SharePoint experience? Did you know that SharePoint Online branding should be handled much more carefully than On-Premises version? We understand the complexity if SharePoint branding and are happy to help walk you through the in’s and outs.

Request for access to one of our demo site and see what we have done with “LiveTiles for SharePoint”. LiveTiles is a leading software company that enables customized digital workspaces. FlexiMal is a proud partner of LiveTiles and is happy to help you find the right solution for your business.