FM Doc Searcher

Having trouble searching documents in SharePoint Online? Large document libraries with over 5,000 items, is the worst. Well, FM Doc Searcher is the perfect solution for it.

No need to create views to handle large document libraries anymore. FM Doc Searcher searches through the document properties or metadata and returns the results in seconds. Our solutions can handle document libraries with millions of items.

Attaching documents from SharePoint Online to Microsoft Outlook emails can be time consuming. FM Doc Searcher comes with an additional tool that helps to attach documents straight into Outlook mail items, without having to download them and then attach. Just search and attach.

Want to know more? Following are some of the features of FM Doc Searcher.

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Large Document Libraries

FM Doc Searcher has been tested with large document libraries and proven that it works well with any document library with any number of items in it. For example, a document can be found in less than 2seconds in a Document library with over 2Million items in it.

No List View Limitations

Large result sets can be rendered with no issues. Complete solution for SharePoint Online 5000 item List View limitations.

Record Filtering

Once the main search function returns the results, users can narrow down the results further by entering additional parameters in the search box. This search/filter feature works with the Cached Result set, thus searching is faster.

Search Latest Items

When a user tries to search a site in SharePoint Online, items may be missing from the search results. There are various reasons why expected results maybe be missing that are related to crawl latency or settings in SharePoint Online. But FM Doc Searcher will not miss these new items. They will instantly be available in the search results. I.E, no need to wait until the SharePoint indexer completes the crawl.

Microsoft Office UI Fabric

We follow the Microsoft best practices. Most of the FM Doc Searcher’s UI/UX components are built with Office UI Fabric. Thus, FM Doc Searcher will automatically inherit the SharePoint Online theme changes that you have already applied in your SharePoint Online site.

Attach to Email (Not available in mobile devices)

Users can search the documents and simply attach them into Outlook mail items instantly.

Note: This feature works only with Microsoft Outlook and does not work in mobile devices currently.

Response Time

Search result set is rendered in seconds, even from the large document libraries with millions of items. However, render time varies depending on the number of matching records. For example, while a search with 5 matching records can be rendered in less than a second, and 2,000 records might take 1.5 seconds to render.

Mobile Responsive

We follow “Mobile-First” development concept. SharePoint Online mobile users can use FM Doc Searcher on their mobile devices without a problem.

Work for Any Document Library

FM Doc Searcher act differently, depending on the metadata that you have set in each document libraries in a given site collection

Search Inside Folders

Search items inside folders and sub folders. Doesn’t matter how deep the level is. Not only it searches the items/documents, but also it returns the folders. Further, users can use the filename too to search documents.

Date Range Search

FM Doc Searcher irradicates the SharePoint Online date range search complexity. No need to memorize difficult KQL (Keyword Query Language) in the top search bar. Simply, select the Modified By date range parameter and do the search.

Contextual Menu

Each item in the result set comes with a context menu. Menu items/actions allow the users to interact with the items in many ways.

A demo has been deployed in the following site.

If you are interested to try our solution out, feel free to contact us for account details to access the solution.

If you need further details about the product and the cost, please email at or call us on +61 (28) 915 6283. We will assign you a technical support officer to guide you.